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                                   FEES AND SUCH
                                  Effective 2015 June 1

I charge $500/hour for time spent working as a consultant. Time is rounded up to the nearest 0.1 hour. Bills are sent out monthly when I have done work during the month. Under some circumstances, a flat fee arrangement can be made, but I prefer to bill hourly. Also, I am happy to estimate the total cost in hours or dollars, for purposes of budgeting the cost of litigation.

I charge less for indigent criminal case. Email me or call. rkw@rkwrightmd.com +1 954-581-7952. Generally, I will accept whatever the jurisdiction pays, if I accept the case.

For an actual autopsy examination, which I perform, I charge $5,000. I ask for this in advance. This charge includes whatever photography, microscopic examination, special studies and other expenses which might be separate charges by others.

I charge for incidental expenses at my cost. This includes mileage, airfare, shipping costs, airplane WIFI, and accommodation. I shall make every effort to minimize the time spent in out of town travel.

I require a 2 hour retainer. I expect to be paid for the reasonable amount of time spent in research, investigations, preparation, conferences and testimony, plus travel time if required. I look upon you, as the attorney, as the person contracting for my services. If you feel that this is not the proper arrangement, please advise me immediately.

I do not look upon my role as an advocate for your client’s cause, if you expect that you really need to find someone else. I will endeavor to do my best to investigate and research the matter at hand, and give you my opinions. Often these opinions will be adverse to your client. Generally, this is determinable early on, unfortunately, not always, however.
Please send depositions, medical records and all materials as digital files by email. This will save trees, dollars and time. If the files are large, use www.dropbox.com and/or www.yousendit.com as they can send big files easily. Also, sharing via www/googledocs.com is a good way too (share with rkwrightmd@gmail.com)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to discuss them with me.